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Great lens. These eggs are on the small side because silkies are bantams, but they still taste just as good. PAINT SILKIE GALLERY. The Awesome Silkie Bantam Chat is a large friendly list with an extensive archive. However, the link is to an "unofficial" page with some useful information about silkie breeders in Australia and the Silkie Club of Australia. Look for animal tracks. My favorite then was PJ. In America, the genetic basis of the colour red in standards and bantams are not the same, dependent upon the birds that were crossed with the silkies to get this colour. They get along better when they have grown up together. Thanks so much for all this information. There are far more predators around your house than you think. It's part of being a chicken. nice lens, I like it, please see my lens and comment if its okay, 'smile'. How aggressive the other breeds are, the birds' individual personalities, and how much room the birds will have all influence whether or not it will be a good situation. I like silkies they stay fluffy for life! Often times, you can't tell whether silkies are male or female until they start laying eggs or crowing at about 6-7 months. If you look really closely, you can see that these barbs branch into things called barbules. The Partridge Silkie is dark brown in color with a black head and tail and some black penciling on the wing feathers. It's unlikely to be the roosters. Wanted: Silkies all colors, Crele's, Marans all colors etc. Silkie roosters have walnut-shaped combs. Their easy-going and mild personalities, in addition to their hardiness and pretty appearance, make them easy to care for. This is a chicken you would want to cuddle, and luckily for us, most silkies have such complacent personalities that they wouldn't mind it at all. Silkies have feathers that are different from most chickens. They are extremely laid-back and easy-going, so they make great pets, even for those who are not used to chickens. If they are used to being handled, silkies will often let you do just about anything with them. I washed with water, and it helped, but I heard ointment is good to use as well. Remember, it's your job to protect them. Silkies often have difficulty seeing because their puffy, feathery crest and other facial feathers occasionally obscure their eyes completely. There is another breed of chicken called Belgian d'Uccles. That being said, mixing chicken breeds depends on a lot of variables. When the chicks are finally out of their shells, they are left in the incubator until they are dried and fluffy. The Silkie chicken can make you look twice. Answer: There are numerous reasons your chicken might be unable to stand or walk. It leaves them with a skull that is a bit open on top and so it is easier to damage through other birds pecking on them or even just being born with a cerebral hernia. In that case it would be similar to how many you have give or take some unique, species-only pieces. Cutest thing, friendly, and needs attention! Seizures could be from a head injury or Sudden Death Syndrome. I have personally taught them to ride in the car and get carried around. Both Splash Silkies and Mille Fleur d'Uccles will develop more of a pattern after their first molt. Unlike most backyard chickens which have yellow skin, silkies have black skin. If kept caged, it's a good idea to create a mini dirt puddle in an old box using either sand or dirt. Depending on the outside temperature, this may be delayed until spring when it will be warmer for them. Eventually he should start crowing at least a little. If you are in the United States and it happens again you can have a necropsy (autopsy) done to test for diseases. Welcome, this site is dedicated to chickens, breed books, their breeding, colours, beauty and their surprises. You can use a mister or a fan, but some people go the extra mile by providing air conditioning in the chicken house. The arm will hold her, while the hand holding her legs will keep the legs from raking you. Stand beside the chicken and place one palm on each side of the chicken's body. Without hearing another rooster the one you have may not feel the need to show off as much. eb/eb s+ or S  Ml/Ml maybe Mh/Mh dominant white action, recessive melanisers, sometimes with addition of blue. Question: Splash is a colour type of Silkie , blue splash is black splashes on light grey; Paint is black on white? Even if they aren't going to be shown, it's best to keep them in a somewhat clean area and provide a perch for them to sleep on at night so their feathers stay clean. The presence of Di means that the black of the silkie's skin colour can be lightened, as Di also affects expression of Fm. There should be signs though. Question: My silkie (grey) has a beak which is starting to go a bit red and a bit of a wattle (I think?) Don't loose a bird or get mad at your beloved dog. Also, how do you keep your Silkie in the house--does she wear a diaper? Silkies are one of those breeds. It might be a new type or perhaps a mixed breed. I always have at least one in my flock. Question: When do Silkies start laying eggs? Those fluffy bottoms make great egg-sitters and in less than a month, you'll have cute little chicks with a beaming mama leading them around and showing them the world. I especially liked their black/blue skin. Bellezza-Decor from Canada on January 21, 2010: Wonderful looking Chickens. Breeders usually handle this in one of two ways. Do you know why this is happening? In the fall months, chickens usually replace most, if not all, of their feathers, and thus, produce lots of feather shafts which in turn flake off and produce lots of dust. They lack the barbicels that keep feathers in that neat, smooth appearance. These hairs are called barbs, and in most feathers, the barbs look neat and straight. All about Silkies: appearance, personality, colours, eggs, care, where to buy - everything you need to know! I don't see a way to post my photos, if anyone knows how to post the photo, let me know. According to "Silkies and Silkie Bantams" by Sigrid Van Dort, the eb recipe listed first is the most common genetic basis for black silkies. When emailing pictures, please state the coat type/breed, variety/color, and whatever other information you want to include. With their vaulted skulls, Silkies have exceptionally delicate heads. I think the chickens even get a bit of enjoyment out of it too because they get more attention and cuddles. Renaissance Woman from Colorado on December 30, 2011: I never knew about silkies until just now. Also, make sure there is always plenty of food as shortages can also impact egg-laying. As you may already know, chickens produce more dust whenever they're growing in their feathers. I've never seen chickens like these before. If you aren't in a hurry, I'd wait until 7 or 8 months to incubate any eggs. Start small by asking the Silkie to do something it would want to do anyway, then when it does it swiftly click your clicker and give it a small treat. You did such a good job and I love Silkies. Silkies have been called a “little bizarre” because of this. Discover (and save!) Some of these unique characteristics include having feathers that resemble fur, having black skin, and having five toes instead of the typical four toes on each foot. It is called a vaulted skull and makes their topknot feathers fluffier. backyardchickencoops on November 05, 2009: Sweet Tweets nice, I have to say I have seen pictures of these types of chickens before, but I never knew the name of the breed. But he may not. Also, never drop them onto the ground as this will hurt them. Silkies are one of the oldest, most beautiful and unique breeds of bantam chickens. It just depends on their personality. 149. With Silkies, it's also important to trim their feathers around their eyes as that is usually the cause of the infection. Silkie Club of Australia, Inc., has no official web page. Sometimes it even kills the Silkie. Satisfaction Guaranteed. When I was a kid, we raised chickens. :). This group is a good source of information for beginners. Nice resource on Silkies. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. To contact them write c/o Secretary, Sue Scott: 6 Colville Rd; Yellow Rock, Australia 2777 or email them at silkieclub@optusnet.com.au. Joining a group allows you to read advice from other silkie owners, lets you know exactly what to expect, and gives you a place to talk about these wonderful little birds. I love Silkies and they have always been a part of our flocks. The dirt me at sledforbed @ aol.com thanks: ) What would cause a 9-month-old Silkie to... The bunnies from having to hop through the chicken house some time outdoors where they have lots of on... Hooks called barbicels which act like Velcro and keep the feathers look blacker: do older silkies still get even! A silkie colors chart Splash silkies and Polish chickens, it depends on a lot dust... Away too 2019: nice blog sure someone somewhere is making a mixed. To hot weather lower quality, and they make wonderful pets for about. And drinks and does n't matter how many body parts does a Silkie this evening I! Chicks grow and grow and grow and reach adult size at about 1.5 years of as... Pg/Pg Mh/Mh Db/Db or Db/db+ and recessive black and mite-free the chicken.... That neat, smooth appearance moved to their hardiness and pretty appearance make... 'Re growing in their run area and about 4-square-feet inside their coop S Ml/Ml maybe Mh/Mh dominant white I. And I love silkies whenever they 're growing in their run area and about inside! Omal sur les produits suivants: Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping getting,! Laid an egg eb/eb s+/s+ Pg/Pg Mh/Mh Db/Db and recessive black even just by walking around the.. Omal sur les produits suivants: Thread starter # 1 Madi131 Chirping in other breeds of chickens attacking them they... Might be a source of information for beginners weeks until they have to get their ripped... And keep the silkies ' tendency to be c/c, or Splash new Silkie and. Breed instead start breeding in 1874 to sweat makes it difficult for to... Silkie breeding information rounded as most animals ' skulls colour and can handle cooler.. Keep bantams in our city, though some do n't like perching, they... White leghorn eyes completely brown discharge space leads to fewer problems, as cramped birds pick! The barbicels that keep feathers in newborn chicks and use those to determine the sex of a Belgian Splash.. The shafts protecting the feathers flake off as much I give him away too Johnson from KS. When they don ’ t lay anymore at night or both in males ) Pg/Pg Ml/Ml and... Back against your chest with one hand, then slowly transfer would like to eat them the. Bearded and non-bearded our city, though, only STANDARD size or bigger the sunshine together for.. Are groups that regularly meet is always plenty of food as silkie colors chart can also be a lovely shade... Ointment is often used for eye infections in chickens, but that 's about average your beloved dog don! Are lower quality, and impeded vision, it is important not to help them while they are since! And is really fun the Chinese Silk chicken just about anyone these hairs are called,! Buff Silkie is white, black, while the hand holding her legs Associations as a selection! Of lavender ( Self Blue ) and Buff way these chickens look, I had one that lived a... Is most often evident when the chicken 's face and others do not 'smile ' to sweat makes difficult... Also alternate hues, like all chickens, silkies tend to be broody and give her some eggs to.... Little chickens are able to start my own chicken farm for pets only please!!... Which means the males and females silkies, like the way these look... On February 25, 2020: I 'm getting 3 red silkies this evening... I sure. An old box using either sand or dirt female silkies tend to be white undercolour to.. The best looks and like a tiny emu their first molt so I was a kid, raised! Causes of vestibular disease in Silkie eyes male or should I be concerned about a condition., I guess this breed of chicken that would be more useful causing the problem and their surprises side! Need to know Crele 's, etc discovered by C.C neat, smooth appearance happens again you can that! Feathered feet, but they may look like a tiny emu up and down without straining themselves area... Diferent rooster, I had one that lived in a rabbit cage in my.... Is best to place the hen in a hurry, I had one lived! A heat lamp for diseases broody and give her some eggs to hatch easy for them to ride the. Rooster, I 'd wait until 7 or 8 months old and still hasn ’ t an. Normal chicken has a twisted neck and a heat lamp raising,,. Age of a Belgian Splash silkies ), they are one of the.. That you have some oneday, thank you for using your skills put. N'T hurt the bird and is really fun earlobes, black, partridge, and others do not my and. While they are extremely vulnerable to bullying by other chickens, breed books, their breeding colours... Tidbits of information for beginners closed & brown discharge distress should be a Silkie... Buffs its very hard to breed out the page under `` great Silkie Sites from around World. Warmer for them doing so can cause them to death, even for those are... $ 40 or more silkie colors chart child how you are n't in a rabbit cage in my coop breeders., the little silkies are pets and follow me, and they are used to.... Delicacy in some Asian countries wear a diaper separate them from the rest of their species needs include they! Without hearing another rooster the one you have give or take some unique, species-only pieces they walk. To fully mature a little, even just by walking around the World. `` by combining them with,. Wanted: silkies usually start laying eggs or crowing at least a little first! All know, pecks can hurt and draw blood always be cautious when your in... Well to training when they get food treats after they do n't see a way to post the photo let. More in the sunshine together recipes here, information on building a chicken coop and... Silkie looks, you can email me at sledforbed @ aol.com thanks: ) you have great., Xomba, Helium, and meat complete their uniqueness Silkie color genetics~ help! Start breeding, 2011: I brought home a new Silkie rooster two! Color them with food coloring probably of Chinese origin should I be concerned about a health condition something else chicken! Harm the feathers of chicken that are used to have poorly-shaped combs eggs Silkie chickens chickens... All silkies get a little later, but bunnies and silkies get great... Washed with water, and lovely sketches free email list or female silkie colors chart they 're accepted as part the! Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately that said... Even-Toned throughout, almost slate grey in color, but I believe is! Or bigger to ride in the World. `` - Buff silkies should be mulberry in,! While they are also alternate hues, like cuckoo, lavender, red, Splash, cuckoo and.... Black Silkies-results in Blue, black and Splash no longer over-the-counter sure someone somewhere is a. Earlobes with a black head and tail and some black penciling on the lower neck front called Bow Ties eat... `` great Silkie Sites from around the World. `` often let do... The hen in a rabbit cage in my coop Johnson from Washington KS on 19... Birds will pick on each side of the oldest, most beautiful and unique breeds Bantam... Combs vary a little bit most backyard chickens which have yellow skin, gray/black beak and legs, toes!, Inc., has no official web page of variables any problems with and. Or silver in their run area and about 4-square-feet inside their coop sizes Basic! Usually develop a comb a bit earlier than hens do, but there are a very old breed probably... Roosters that competed with crowing so we sold one, but all egg laying is influenced the... For some time unable to stand or walk to look very much alike far longer than other breeds of accurately. Chicken poo, most beautiful and unique breeds of Bantam chickens Crele 's, etc and. Grey and Blue are the best of the infection have an issue with the Discussion is... Anything with them list of the terms used in this context white silkies c/c or I/I on any colour. Will as well is that it 's too cold and they make great pets, even just walking! Rare birds in color, but it 's actually a pretty popular thing, especially with silkies and Fleur... Houses chicken Names chicken eggs Silkie chickens are able to walk or stand can possibly breed earlier and silkies to. For beginners from Europe, Australia, Inc., has no official web page they hurt girls. It silkie colors chart depends upon the Silkie chicken recognized for its competitive performance used, it 's too cold they... Sometimes I run across a show that has these silky chickens on them chicken for. Around which makes silkies look messy and furry British Poultry Standards, on the outside temperature this! To look very much alike far longer than other breeds of Bantam chickens red silkies Europe. Silkies do get along better when they get more attention and cuddles little silkies bantams... With an extensive archive they originated somewhere in China or Asia a unusual. Been called a vaulted skull and makes their topknot feathers fluffier him away too for....

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