semantic html toolbar

It also adds the toolbar button which makes it possible to paste clipboard data this way only on demand. But one of the purposes of openHAB is to abstract away the specifics of each of the hundreds of supported technologies and APIs so that a light switch is a light switch whether it's controlling a Hue light bulb, a KNX wall switch, or a … Moreover, Clarity is an amazing library which can be useful for both i.e designers … Override default queryParam variables 395. RichTextEditor is designed to be used like a textarea except that instead of value being a string, it is an object with toString on it. Finalizing actions are app-specific and are used only if the table is editable. This lack of CSS support makes it hard to use semantic HTML to build email layouts that display properly in Outlook. The purpose of semantic HTML and CSS is to separate document structure and styling, so let the CSS do the styling and use classes and predefined styles instead of inline styles! App Bar. With T248137 in, we're able to use semantic HTML5 elements without restrictions. I foresee everyday web developers trying to use the simplest aspects of HTML5, such as using the section element (which introduces the problem of a semantic mismatch between the meaning of H1 in HTML5 and in older versions of HTML, for what it is worth), try styling it, see that it doesn’t work in IE7, and then simply abandon any attempt to get up to speed with HTML5… ... Volker_E renamed this task from Wrap MediaWiki toolbar menu to HTML5

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