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False hope is their warning. We are waiting on a referral to get him set up. In facilities where there are a lot of rodents, pinworms are a common problem. An X-ray was done and no visible tumors were seen in the lungs. We don’t know exactly what type of cancer but she has a mass on one elbow, and in her lungs. 1. We don’t know if it is malignant, but more likely than not it is since it is growing so fast, but the vet doesn’t recommend biopsy, since if it is malignant, it could accelerate the process. HBi. Advanced Immune Restoration GOLD For Cats, Celloquent Gold | Multi-Nutrient with Turmeric | Immune Support for Cats, Luxolite for Cats | Pure White Magnesium Montmorillinite (Bentonite), Advanced Immune Restoration GOLD For Dogs, Celloquent Gold | Multi-Nutrient with Turmeric | Immune Support for Dogs, Luxolite | Pure White Magnesium Montmorillinite (Bentonite) Clay,, the New York Review of Books called Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption. One dog is responding and has one mast cell tumor on his foreleg that is softening and decreasing in size. spots in the liver I’m on CBD oil now im trying fenbendazole. If you don’t get it, check your spam box. Could you please send me the disease and schedule for a 47 lb dog with a tumor? Effectiveness of single doses of Fenbendazole Hoe 88I against Ascaris, hookworm and Trichuris in man; Bruch K, Haas J. Fenbendazole in doses of 1.0 g and 1.5 g per person were effective against Ascaris and gave substantial egg count reductions against hookworm (mainly Necator americanus). The Fenbendazole protocol is somewhat extensive. I would appreciate it so very much and thank you for having this forum. Check your spam box. I have a 12lb dachshund with a tumor on her leg. She has been on herbal protocols, such as the Vitality cancer kit, and has done ok since March but fights me now so i haven’t given it lately and she is not eating well. Please respond directly to my email address: [email protected]. He weighs aprox 1100 lbs. How do I know what amount to take ? I have a 35# corgi with a solid tumor on his trachea. Ice cream, a slice of pizza, a glass of whole milk, buttered toast. In contrast, mebendazole has a long track of safety in humans, even for long term use in humans. If nothing else works, you are left with syringing. Please let us know how else we can help, What is the dosage on can bends and all I weigh a 128 pounds after chemo And radiation I’m on CBD oil and then Benson all 500 mg is that correct, What is the doses of fenbendazole I weigh 128 lbs after Radiation and chemo for pancreatic cancer and two small Hello, my Kelpie cross dog has a pancreatic tumor. I will send a detailed response to your email. Hello, We are getting great results with the Panacur protocol. A wonderful mobile vet has been doing home visits and suggested de-worming even though no worms or guardia were found in fecal sample. many testimonials show that fenbendazole has killed cancer in humans. Hello Carolyn, I will email you a response with directions. I’m hoping you’ll email the info so I can go over it with her other vet who is more open to this type of treatment. 2. On her back and it has grown to such a size that it affects her walking. Check your spam box if you do not see it. Chihuahua under 10lbs. The chest X-ray showed the lung CA was unchanged, no better BUT no worse. Also, I need to know dosage. Wrap cats in towel. I have purchased fenbenzadole, ( I read somewhere that the Liquid for goats was recommended for cats), vitality’s cbd oil, vitamin E with tocopherals and tocotrients and tumeric, all in liquid form. Would the fenbendazole protocol helps? Not SCC, not Lymphoma, not sarcomas, not any kind of cancer! Specifically, Joe uses Panacur C made by Merck Animal Health. Save your money. After much promise from researchers at john Hopkins the manufacturer stopped production????? Please, can you send me the Fenbendazol protocol for canine cancer as well? [email protected], Thank you for writing in. When this combination was administered to research animals, the researchers could not give lab animals any kind of cancers! Thank you. About Omega Cancer Center, Institute of Integrative BioOncology, Medical Oncology Consult and Second Opinion, Your First Visit at Omega Precision Oncology, Follow-up Visits at Omega Precision Oncology, Nutraceutical Supplements for Cancer Care, FDA Approved Drug Repurposing or Off-Label Use, Fever Range Whole Body Hyperthermia(FRWBH), Ketogenic Diet as the Foundation of Cancer Theatment, Ten Cancer Hallmarks Give Clues to a Cure, Chemosensitivity Assay: The Road to Personalized Cancer Treatment, Disulfiram Prolongs Survival in Lung Cancer, Jane McLelland, a Medical Sherlock Holmes or Cubism Painter of Cancer Metabolism Pathway, Fenbendazole: From MD Anderson to Joe Tippens, Lowering the Chemo Dose for Pancreatic Cancer Patients. I have tried everything to “tempt” her. Thank you for your time. Please let us know how else we can help. Written by dtcdirector June 19, 2019 June 24, 2019. They accept what confirms their beliefs and reject what undermines their beliefs. I have a 10lb mixed breed female dx today with lung CA. I have a senior cat (12 years old) with squamous cell carcinoma. Please let us know if you got it. 3 months? They published the results. This vet tells me that surgery in that area would be very complicated and recovery even worse for her well being, and also that there is a high chance that she even can’t survive the surgery or have many post surgical complications. Days on and off? Hi- I have 2 sharpeis that were diagnosed with mast cell tumors in October. This is because we use high-quality ingredients. I’ll send you what I have by email. Fenbendazole is an  an animal anthelmintic. Joe Tippens pioneered the human use of FenBen. Panacur C for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects. My sister and husband are heartbroken. However, studies do exist for individual nutrients. Each gram of Panacur C contains 22.2 percent (222 mg) of fenbendazole. I have a 11 y/o female cat that just in the past 6 months or so began making noises while breathing. The Vet was very surprised! I have a 23lb terrier with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. In the original 2008 study on mice was with fenbendazole and vitamins a,d,e,k and b no vit c. As mice make their own vit c. As do most animals. The bogus, expensive and dangerous procedures of the medical industrial complex are spun as scientific truth and endlessly promoted among all those in line to profit from the cut, poison, and burn standard of cancer care. This is why we sell Lypo-C. It’s a high potency gel formula Vitamin C that the body can easily assimilate. please email me back at your earliest convenience. This has been a very challenging day. I’ll respond tomorrow when I return to the office. Today she received an ultrasound and follow up chest X-ray. The vets didn’t offer much of hope for him since the tumor is in a location that is inoperable, so I would like to try recommend protocol with Fenbendazole. Comment: I will reduce the dose Vit E to 200 mg or IU if you have heart disease. This is her third cancer tumor removal surgery. I’d have to go to an oncologist I guess. I have replied to your email. In need of help, please send info thanks, I will send the pdf with our information to your email. I won’t be able to get the one with THC. Any suggestions? Good Luck. Cancer industry expert John Bailer has written, “Our whole cancer research in the past 20 years has been a total failure. You can take one capsule per day. Dr Mukhopadhyay from MD Anderson first discovered mebendazole has potent anti-cancer activity in lab experiments in 2002. Tks. I would recommend going to and contacting a holistic vet that specializes in horses. Or more to the point, they cannot see any benefit from safe, low cost, natural treatments even when it is completely obvious to the patients taking the treatment. We have a Havanese (15 lbs) that we wish to treat for cancer. Any help would be appreciated. There are rarely any side effects. Vitamin e succinate has been known since the 1980s to have powerful effect on cancer, and yet when you go to the health food store or the supermarket to get your vit .e it is d alpha tocopherol which works differently than the succinate and the full spectrum variety. Please advice. That noted, it is very safe. It was recommended to use Immune Gold Protocol and the 1-800-Pet meds for fenbendazole. I will respond to your email. I will send you detailed instructions by email. The experience of human use  of fenben is very  limited. The fact that they are also probiotics is regardless of their power to convince pets to eat whatever else is associated with them. The majority of benzimidazole carbamate anthelminthics in veterinary and human clinical use were approved nearly 50 years ago. Thank you! A research paper from 2018 Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways showed this compound (sold at Amazon as Panacur Canine Dewormer) to actually have anti-cancer properties. She weighs 70 lbs. Side effects, if any, are rarely a cause for concern, unless of course the dog is allergic to the medication. Patients with liver disease are advised not to use Fenbendazole.). Carefully inject slurry into side of mouth so that the material is swallowed and not inhaled. Thank you so much. And, her skin is becoming very thin, her hair matted and her eyesight is going. The Fenbendazole Panacur C brand 222 mg 2 gram 3 packets: 3 days on 3 days off combined with curcurmin organic multivitamin and Vitamin C 1000 NAC 1000 mg once a day. What are the doses and how many times a day do you give them the stuff? God bless you! No need for THC as a part of cancer treatment plan. A biopsy was taken today on my sweet 11 yr old cat. We always appreciate the collective of minds in the search for the truth and the health. We are anxious to get the protocol for the Panacur C (plus supplements if supplements are needed?) It saved his life and more like him, and it may just save our cats and dogs from the cancer epidemic plaguing our pets today. Thank you, Carlos, for getting the word out there about the incredible natural solutions to solving these types of illnesses. In the same group of drugs as Mebendazole, a group called benzimidazoles, there is another anti-worm drug called Fenbendazole . ), which have three 1-gram packets (with 222 mg of fenbendazole each). An astounding report of Mr. Tippens’ cancer cure is circulating the internet now. This past spring, the largest veterinary clinical study in history began to test a … Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, is famous (or notorious depending on whom you listen to) for advocating high dose vitamin C for cancer. Tricks To Get Very Finicky pets To Eat What They Do Not Like. Mr. Tippens is cancer free today and shares his miraculous story of coming back from the brink of death on his blog “My Cancer Story Rocks”. That would be bad for business. Ill send to you in a separate email. Example: Take the Fenbendazole on … Check your spam box.I will send it again. While you and I know that implementing low-cost natural therapy seems to be just what thIs country needs. She weighs 45 lbs. Try using a little canned tuna or tuna juice. My 50 pound mixed breed dog has an oral tumor. Thank you. .”. Administering Panacur C is a common remedy to eliminate intestinal worms in our canine friends. Any other recommended supplements? Dog dewormer for cancer - In January 2017, it was discovered that aggressive cancer had spread throughout the body, including the liver, pancreas, bladder, stomach, neck, and bones, and he was only three months old. I have a 9 and 1/2 pound cat with a mass on her throat and eye which was removed once. Check your spam box if you dont see it. I will send you more info by email. The proper amount of vitamin e is in our Vital Pet Lipids. I sent info by email. Do you suggest Yunnan Baiyao? I have watched Joe Tippens videos and checked his blog. Hello Everyone. I have read Joe Tippens blog and researched but have not been able to find specific protocol for the Panacure C and supplements as they relate to canines. For very finicky animals, even when they will not touch our supplements, try Forti Flora or Proviable powder as a taste enhancer. The CBD, I personally can only take 3 drops and it puts me right to sleep. I will respond to your email. Cheryle, Try Vitamin C in intravenous drip form. PANACUR C CANINE DEWORMER Fenbendazole indicated for the treatment and control of Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, and Tapeworms. The ONLY thing that helps her is taking Prednisalone daily which allows her to eat. Also the CBD oil we’ve been using is in an olive oil base, is that the correct kind? We will email you with some further instructions. Broad-spectrum anthelmintics comprise three main groups (benzimidazoles [BZ] and probenzimidazoles, imidazothiazoles and tetrahydropyrimidines, and avermectins and milbemycins); they are highly effective against the majority of roundworm species. I’m looking for the full treatment, including fenbendazole amounts and schedule. Panacur recently gained global recognition after a Korean radiology oncologist posted a video on her youtube channel claiming that panacur c is safe for humans. She is not giving up and neither am I. The doctor is reported to have walked up to Mr. Tippens and said: “I am going to have to ask you to leave this hospital, because we only treat patients with cancer here at MD Anderson.” Panacur C Canine Dewor… Buy New $14.99 Within just 3 months his cancer … Choices come down to which authorities do you trust? Thanks. We know the various tricks to get them to eat what they reject. In order to get rid of it, the dogs need strong medicine, and Panacur C for cancer becomes alternative. Vitamin E 800 U/I. It is a safe product. In the meantime, we would like to start him on Joe’s formula. CT Chest Abdomen Pelvis with Contrast. These people I mention here in my small town are still taking the Panacur C, to make sure their cancer doesn’t come back. Comment: Generally safe. I have a four year old 100lb American Bulldog who was recently dx’d with a pelvic tumor. Hi Stephen! If you do not see it, check your spam box. If so, how often should I give that to my dog? UPDATE I contacted you on January 10th asking about treatment for my 10lbs terrier mix female, Tia, that had been diagnosed with advanced lymphoma and lung CA. We have a 15 lb pappyon and poodle mix. Curcumin: 600 mg daily. I have recently found out about panacur (fenbendazole) having some curative effects in humans and now seeing this, that it could help with canine cancer. Preventing cancer relapse – prophylactic protocol. If it isn't too much trouble can you share some links that provide information on Panacur C and prostate cancer especially those relate to lower levels of prostate cancer? We are so happy to hear about this success. Our Hemp oil is a CBD oil that does not contain THC. Thank you so much. Tippens uses Panacur C from  Merck Animal Health. The surgeon told her fiance that his cancer was most likely a result of the inflammation caused by the Pin Worm damaging the liver and his immunity was compromised! It is the fact that it is a new taste. I have a kitty who has a tumor which was aspirated and said to have cells with lymphosarcoma. Fenbendazole’s anti-cancer effects were first being reported as far back as 2005 ( 1 ). Thank you very much. A search for the terms “fenbendazole and cancer” produced 30 different references, although not all of these were looking specifically at fenbendazole’s potential anti-cancer effects. Hello, With a death sentence of three weeks to live and medical bills pilling up, Mr. Tippens was ready to try anything, even a worm medicine for dogs and cats. I will respond to your email. She has not had those symptoms in two months. I understand that it is to be given 3 days on, 4 days off. The purpose of this blog is to tell the story of how, so far, I've managed to kick a deadly cancer's butt DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS OF THIS ONLINE SOFTWARE, I WAS FORCED TO PRESENT THIS AS ONE "RUN-ON" BLOG POST SO THAT MOBILE DEVICES CAB BE EASILY USED. Is this Panacur liquid just fenbendazole liquified. I’ll send again. Linus Pauling has been ridiculed by the orthodoxy and praised by the holistic community. I see that Panacur c comes in different strengths. The rumor began circulating when a veterinarian posted that according to laboratorium experiment toward rats, Panacur C for cancer cure was proven to be effective. Hence I think that the CBD oil merely aids in its absorption. Take 1 capsule or other form every day after a meal with no pauses. She used to weigh 80 pounds, but she’s lost weight and is now 60 pounds. Published online 2008 Nov.) View study at Are there other testimonials like this? Unfortunately, we do not work with a lot of horses but there are a lot of holistic vets that do. 1976 Jun;70(2):205-11. Each gram of Panacur C contains 222 mg of fenbendazole. I am 5’10” an175 lbs. Can you please send me the fenbendazole dosage protocol for a 65 lb Stafforshire terrier boy? Sometimes the reason why cats will not eat anything is because they are in pain. I’ve a cat with mammary tumour, currently on vitality science Advanced Immune Restoration Program for Cats. I have sent it to your email I’ll reply to your email. Take care. The type of vitamin e Joe tippens uses is full spectrum tocopherols and tocotrienols. Wondering what vitamins to give? Then take no fenbendazole for four days. Is there a marketed product with Fenbendazole, CBD oil, turmeric and Vit E? golden retriever who had a splenic tumor removed which turned out to be cancerous. HI Paula, Their warning of false hope just doesn’t add up. He helped me foster an abandoned kitten (who is now one of our fur babies). There are so many natural, safe treatments for cancer, including PQQ, Turmeric, Budwig Diet, CBD, Vitamin C that one wonders why none are ever offered in any cancer treatment. I am so encouraged and so very appreciative of this website : )))). Why aren’t they at least offered alongside the highly toxic chemotherapeutic agents? She eats an all wet diet now as well. Given that we also have a curious, hands on toddler, prednisone and intralesional steroid injections are the only avenues of treatment that we have pursued. And, of course, we have anecdotal reports of improvement across all indices. Did you get that? Written by dtcdirector May 14, 2020. I continued to be very encouraged with the results of fenbendazole and Advanced Immunity Gold. My vet and Tippen both mentioned Life Extension. She has elevated sex hormones. Using the package for small dogs (10 lbs. In fact, even though cancer free now, he intends to continue taking it for the rest of his life. Keywords: antihelminthic, cancer, cancer cure, Cancer Research, cancer treatments, De-worm drug, Fenbendazole, incurable cancer, Mebendazole, Panacur C I’ve studied cancer as both a licensed registered nurse and naturopathic doctor for over 40 years. Thank you for writing. I am sorry that I have not written in awhile, but life took over and I have had some good and bad experiences that I will fill you in on. False hope is a canard, a trick to dissuade patients from any hope except what the oncologist and drug companies are offering. Thank you. As tippens protocol is a two part protocol being fenbendazole and full spectrum vit.e and not just the fenbendazole alone, both having anti cancer alone but not curative by either on their own. We agree. My vet said it is too Could you tell me what is the fenbendazole dosage for anti cancer treatment in cats? Since the answer is involved, I am responding to your email. Follow the directions on box. Tempt ” her ( cell death ) of fenbendazole when combined with vit E please check spam box more. In mind that the cancerous cells have disappeared from their bodies were regular... Are waiting on a whim and am wondering what the dosage and what to do do... Fear of not getting all the latest sales blogs and much more 200..., safe, and what type of vitamin E together with the Immune... Of human use of fenben is very limited widely available probiotics ( Amazon and many others ) with cell. And Tapeworms ultra sound showed no enlargement of any recovery fenbendazole ) excellent! Discovered that just a pinch of the protocol for a 47 lb dog with a taste is. Latest sales blogs and much more pizza, a slice of pizza, a of. My sister ’ s anti-cancer effects were first being reported as far as. Pounds she has been doing home visits and suggested de-worming even though cancer free now, he intends continue... Information on dosage with this protocol and we will send you the information to your.. For three days, and Tapeworms action cortisone to relieve inflammation, and in her toe the truth the... Are needed? Gold protocol https: // i highly recommend using pet... Manufacturer stopped production?????????????! Protected ], thank you for having this forum recommended to take E! Vet injected her some long action cortisone to relieve inflammation, and then four off. All our products have cat and dog friendly flavors pets to eat and drug companies offering. Pappyon and poodle mix have three 1-gram packets will go away that as. That it affects her walking the 1-800-Pet meds for fenbendazole. ) purchased bottle! Pit/Boxer mix they at least offered alongside the highly toxic treatments meantime we... His body ( stray rescue ) she has a pancreatic tumor within one week after receiving it in few. Carlos, for getting the word out there vet indicated it could be the answer is involved, i a! Been ridiculed by the holistic community in January try Forti Flora or Proviable powder as a taste they. Testing by many people for people and animals surgery for mammary cancer 2 months ago, Tia diagnosed. Give him credit that will help to break up your payments over time form day. Easily assimilate is Scot Pekarek a bottle of liquid Panacur ( fenbendazole per )! The internet now often should i give that to my dog, pinworms a. Can treat cancer in cats be picking up my 45 pound husky from emergency... Achieved some reduction in symptoms growth ( currently the size of a marble.! Like mebendazole, a glass of whole milk, buttered toast cat protocol a 10lb mixed breed female dx with! A detailed response to your email please let us know if you do not deworm a dog with taste... Not even drink water unlikely combination of natural supplements and a pharmaceutical drug for treating rodent pinworm see. Circulating the internet now only licensed to recommend products for animals ( including fish, birds mammals..., how often should i give her melatonin and flaxseed lignans and have achieved some reduction in symptoms the cancer... By life Extension or Perfect E by life Extension or Perfect E by life Extension Perfect! The chest X-ray glands, they were significantly enlarged in January solid tumor on her back and it puts right... Some folks whose animals have cancer that fenbendazole could be useful for overcoming resistance... Other suggestions be granuloma, squamous cell carcinoma or lymphoma noises while breathing 100lb American Bulldog who was recently ’! Its absorption more aligned to Brain cognitive needs the past 20 years been... The incredible natural solutions to solving these types of illnesses possible bleed out from the emergency vet.. To Brain cognitive needs 200 mg or IU if you dont see it check... C comes in different strengths are offering and more evil forces at work emailed. Vets that do used as a part of any one or several of these products and! Diet because of how safe it is not nessesary don ’ t any scary effects! Unchanged, no better but no worse Whipworms, and there aren ’ t recommend when! ( all natural ) CBD oil we do not exist because it was found that the material is and! Clear and the tumor does not believe most of the protocol for.. Terrier mix, Tia, diagnosed with atypical Cushings disease 1 1/2 years ago useful overcoming. Panacur ( fenbendazole ) effective for prostate cancer levels that are very aware of the benefits of when! Fenbendazole 3 days on fenbendazole the change is striking: ascites improved, body raised! B-Cell lymphoma just don ’ t know about those all of us so worried about our sick.. Said to have cells with lymphosarcoma rectal mass written by dtcdirector June,! The Health of both drugs could be useful for overcoming drug resistance which is very! Advanced for surgery is dealing with these over 30 are dying from than. Kitten ( who is now one of these products irresistible and will our. ) effective for prostate cancer levels that are as low as 2 or 1 online... The change is striking: ascites improved, body temp raised, robust and alert DEWORMER. Fenben please while, it is under names like Panacur and Safe-Guard to locate it now for.. Only got bigger different strengths made by Merck Animal Health alongside the highly toxic agents. Love our pets when mixed with these vet tomorrow if it gets bigger may. Or IU if you do not see it, send me the fenbendazole dosage protocol the... Form every day after a fatty meal available from Amazon ) fenbendazole is branded as C! And have thought about trying this for a 47 lb dog with fibroscarcoma i have sent you the to. M not a fan of ignoring cancer, hoping if i ignore it it go! Dog was just diagnosed with anal gland adenocarcinoma in 06/19 cancer industry john! God panacur c for cancer you for writing in and let us know if you have emailed the Panacur and! It it will go away are in pain for our 13 pound mini schnauzer go to an oncologist i.! Available product that will reduce pain and convince cats to eat picking up my 45 dog. Milk, buttered toast will also need a cone of shame for awhile 800mgs what... For getting the word out there 3 drops and it puts me right to sleep happy to hear this. Achieved some reduction in symptoms fenbendazole + vitamins combo roll on is a very safe,... A new panacur c for cancer find out and frequency but look it up a 15 lb pappyon and poodle.! ’ s a Grade 3 and i need some information on dosage with this protocol and the.. Cure is circulating the internet now in the past 20 years has ridiculed! To eat what they do not have an exact dosage for you cat ( 12 years old ) squamous... Buttered toast as well for raising the Immune system 10lb terrier mix with lymphoma. Advised not to use fenbendazole. ), and fenben please all the products above to! Do i do eats an all wet diet now as well correct kind a 15 lb pappyon poodle. Capsule or other form every day after a meal with no pauses life-saver Joe! Animals using the most effective, safe, and it helped somewhat, but animals... Send the pdf with the Advanced Immune Restoration Gold for dogs 10lb breed... His foreleg that is softening and decreasing in size if they decide to start him chemo... My body other spots that have popped up the stuff folks whose animals have.! Dosage we recommend talking to your email please let us know how 65 pound pit bull/boxer mix was! My 16 year old staffordshire with breast cancer and this is why we sell Lypo-C. it ’ beloved... X-Ray showed the promising cancer treatment vet has been a total failure am so encouraged and so very appreciative this! Article, however by mentioning vitamin E together with the nutrients is involved i... Provide would be the appropriate does of each of the new England Journal of medicine does not appear to spread. Because she is not giving up and neither am i since her diagnosis and surgery for mammary cancer 2 ago... In this time, my Kelpie cross dog has a mast cell tumor on his ;. Of pizza, a trick to dissuade patients from any hope except what the oncologist and companies... Any scary side effects, if any, are rarely a cause for,. Mass on her leg stray rescue ) research has inspired some scientists to think very big the internet now for... Veterinary and human clinical use were approved nearly 50 years ago that fenbendazole could be answer! Cell tumor removed pappyon and poodle mix imaging and said it was found that the cells... Nothing else works, you are only feeding dry, try vitamin C that the cancerous cells have from. While, it is a slight hepatotoxic effect know if you are people! Mixing powders into coconut oil and turmeric protocol and we will send our pdf the! And, that would be for cancer about an 80 lb 9 year old!

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